April 2021

House Plants - Dangerous for your Pets?

Posted on Apr 13, 2021

Is anyone else noticing that lately all of the home show reveals are LOADED with house plants? Potted plants on the floor, on the shelves, on the counters, on the tables, even hanging from the ceilings?!

House plants can make your home feel alive and warm, but there are a few things to consider before heading to the garden center.

If you have beloved...

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8 Remarkably Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Prep your Home for Sale

Posted on Apr 01, 2021

The Spring Market is heating up and this means that numerous people will be thinking about selling their homes and making a move.

Usually there is a lot of excitement around the idea of selling your home and finding new adventures ahead, however, along with this excitement comes anxiety and questions.

One of the biggest questions about selling a home...

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