Staging Your Home

The Selling Process can be broken down into four easy-to-understand steps; Preparing your Home, Pricing your Home, Marketing your Home, and Selling your Home. The process can be a daunting task without a roadmap of what to expect.

The Radcliffe Team is here to help prepare you for what is to come and ensure that this can be a seamless, stress-free and informed process.

Our team will work with your budget, time frame and goals to help you prepare your home for your sale.

Step 1: Preparing Your Home For the Market

1. Initial visit and home tour

During our initial visit and home tour, we will be all ears, ready to learn and come up with a game plan so we can get your home sold. We'll be asking lots of questions to really get to know you and your property. 

2. Prepare your home for photos and showings

"Buyers decide in the first 8 seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first 8 seconds." - Barbara Corcoran

It's so important to make a great first impression once a buyer enters your home for the first time. When a potential buyer walks into a dirty home, they assume that the current owner did not take care of the property. 

The majority of buyers seek a property that is move-in ready and has the fresh appeal of a brand-new home. Extensive chores or repairs may deter potential buyers and fail to create an appealing impression.

If needed, we've aligned ourselves with a trusted team of stagers and cleaners to assist in presenting your home in the best way possible. 


Preparing your home involves several key steps, including making repairs and upgrades, cleaning & decluttering, and staging your home. 

Staging can completely transform a space in your home and have buyers fall in love at first sight. 

Our team will work with your budget, time frame and goals to help you prepare your home for you. Properly preparing your home for sale can be the difference between selling relatively quickly or sitting on the market and developing a negative stigma.

One of the most effective techniques to quickly sell a home is to let the buyer imagine how their new home will look once they are all moved in. This can be harder than it sounds, especially when looking through an empty home. However, there is a way to make this vision a reality and it's called virtual staging.

We provide sellers with a free staging consultation. Our stagers will provide their expertise by staying up to date on buyers' interests and trends in the current market. If you decide to proceed with these services, a quote will be customized for you. 
*Conditions apply.


After the initial staging consultation, our stager and team will provide you with a list of elements you can work on to improve your home's aesthetics and ensure it sells (i.e. painting, decluttering, finishing minor home improvements).


You will be set up on our showing system to be notified of future showings. This will allow you preparation time to have your home ready to be viewed. During showings, we recommend being absent from the property, removing pets, decluttering, and cleaning.

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