Investing in Real Estate

These days, I think it would be safe to say that people are searching for security and something to trust.  

Dreaming of a future with financial security is part of the human experience but sometimes this "dream" seems very unattainable for the average person.  

There is, however, a reliable and attainable format of investing the assets you have accessible right now, to pay off in the future and to create financial stability and growth for you and your loved ones.

History, for many decades now, has shown that Real Estate consistently DOUBLES in value every 15 years (give or take a few, depending on the economy and various factors of the times.)  

It is estimated that the value of a Real Estate investment will increase approximately 5% each year, and this is comparable to investing money in the stock exchange, however with one major difference.  

The differentiation is that the banks will  LOAN you money to get into the Real Estate game, and will not grant loans for investment into other sectors.  

Property is what the banks, bank on!  Real Estate has compounding benefits over time because you are getting returns on money the bank has loaned to you rather than needing the full sum saved up before you are able to invest. 

This means that you can capitalize on getting started on the journey sooner than later, if you desire. 

Time is your friend when you are growing an investment.  

Obviously there is a cost associated with owning Real Estate, however if you have consistent renters living in your investment properties, their rent cheques will be paying down your mortgage costs and taxes as your equity grows, so the investment becomes almost free to the Investor.

I am sure that you may be thinking by now, "but what are the risks?".  

The answer is that there is always an element of risk to investing, however investing in Real Estate is one of the lowest risk investments available to be had.  

The risks DO NOT equal the amount of debt owed in this scenario.  

When shopping for an investment property, it is important to buy something that will be rentable and also saleable.  

You need to look for something that will be in demand so that you will not have trouble keeping renters in the property in order to keep the cash flow moving and paying down the expenses attached to the property.  

You can also rest assured that you will not end up losing the money that you've invested as there is always a reliable exit strategy of selling your Real Asset (property) at market value.  

In good conditions and a stable market you cannot lose.  

To become a "good" Investor, it is imperative to hold your property rather than flip it.  

There are many hidden costs related to flipping properties that you can avoid by holding them for a longer period of time, thus allowing the upward trajectory of value to grow exponentially.  

If this small amount of information has whetted your curiosity, please take a moment and call Mike Radcliffe of The Radcliffe Real Estate Team.  

Mike is passionate about investing in Real Estate himself, and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others in order to help them grow their own equity and wealth.  

Mike has a proven, well-founded and definitive plan to take $100,000 worth of investment and turn it into $2 million in 15 years time.  

He would be thrilled to share this plan with anyone who is interested, curious or looking for a surefire way to make your dreams of financial freedom a reality. 

An Investment Opportunity:

The Radcliffe Real Estate Team currently has an excellent opportunity for getting into the investment game.  

We have several blocks of townhomes starting at $399,900 that are in the construction phase, which will be extremely desirable once the building is finished.  

Lucan has proved to be a profitable community with new construction, as the new build homes have been selling several years later for significantly higher prices than they were built for.  

The best time to get into an investment property purchase is when the price is the lowest that it will ever be, and that time is NOW.  

If you have any questions or interest in this current opportunity, please give our Team a call.  519-227-4884